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Cag-Tek has been established as Caglayan Textile Accessories & Production and Marketing Company with a global ambition. Today Cag-Tek has been serving to textile industries in coating & galvano and painting in which some of the products are garments and fasteners accessories, metal buttons, rivets, buckles, snap buttons etc..
We will be more than glad to let you see our products and send you our most selective samples. With its highly educated and experienced skillfull co-workers, our ambition is to fully integrate into local and international markets. We are an integrated facility on a 3000sqm with its highly advanced technological system which sustains and develops itself with 30 years of enriched experience and high level of knowlegde.
Since our company is goal is to be the best in the market, we always make sure we have high quality and low cost products. With its advanced technological facilities and systems, our team of Professional designers are striving for creativity in the research and development.


Buttons, Snaps, Snap Buttons, Rings, Buckles, Rivets, Cordends, Cardlocks

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