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Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) that continues its operations strongly with the strength gained from the contributions of its members to Turkish economy is the largest industrial chamber of Turkey with its number of members exceeding 20 thousand in 2020 and the strongest representative of the Turkish industry.

  • The share of the value added by ICI members at factor costs is above 37,1 percent within Turkish industry.

  • ICI members perform almost 34 of the total production in Turkish industry.

  • The share of those employed by ICI members within the total employment figure of Turkish industry is approximately 31,2 percent.

  • According to employment size, 79,3 percent of the ICI members are small scaled (with less than 50 employees), 18,2 percent is medium scaled (with 50-249 employees), and 2,5 percent is large scaled (with 250 or more employees) organizations.

  • While most of the ICI members are from clothing industry with 22,8 percent, this industry is followed by the machinery, accessories and metal goods industry with 16,7 percent, the chemical, plastic and rubber products industry with 12,4 percent and the textile products industry with 10,3 percent.

  • In 'The Top 500 Turkish Industrial Corporations of 2019' list, there are 169 ICI members. 'The Second Top 500 Turkish Industrial Corporations of 2019' list includes 151 ICI members. So, the total number of ICI members within Top 1000 Turkish Industrial Corporations is 320.

  • The share of the gross added value created by the 320 ICI members in Top 1000 Turkish Industrial Corporations within the Turkish GDP is 2,7 percent for 2019.

  • The export carried out by these corporations in 2019 corresponds to 20,4 percent of the total export of Turkey.

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HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: Mesrutiyet Cad. No:63, 34430 Beyoglu / ISTANBUL - TURKIYE


PHONE: +90 212 252 29 00 (Pbx) / FAX: +90 0212 249 50 84 - 293 43 98

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