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Titbas Textiles was established in 1976 in Istanbul, as the first zipper manufacturing company of Turkey. The brand reflects the 43 years of experience in Zipper and Metal Accessories Design & Manufacturing. Titbas Textiles is the leader in the local market for zipper manufacturing, with the innovation, quality, reliability and delivery of the products. Titbas produces in a modern complex, an integrated facility where yarn comes in and zipper comes out with 100-million-zipper capacity annually.

Our quality in ensured with our Quality Management System and R&D department and following the Integrated Management System (ISO 900,4001,45001), including Oeke-Tex for chemicals, SEDEX for social compliance and Higg Index for Environmental compliance. Also only Unionized zipper manufacturing company in Turkey.Sustainability is key for Titbas, following the SDG’s to manufacture for future generations. Titbas is the first company in Turkey to develop sustainable zippers with Recycled certifications

TIT Zipper Brand Approvals: Inditex, Arcadia, Armani, Asos, Bestseller, C&A, Puma, Superdry, H&M, New Look, George, Sketchers, Primark and many more.

Products: Metal Zippers, Delrin Zippers, Nylon Zippers, Recycled Zippers, Fashionable Pullers, Metal Accessories

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