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Vintage Trimmings is a well-established manufacturer, producing leather labels, PU labels, jacron labels, paper tags, printed tapes, woven labels, metal trims, sew-on buttons and same trimmings in sustainable line more than 18 years. The Company is articulated, so as to have a strict control on all production steps from raw material sourcing through production, including quality control and washing tests departments with over 100 employees. Vintage Trimmings is the main trim supplier of the well-known global brands for many years. We are not only the leading trim manufacturer but we help our clients in the complete chain all the way through from development to worldwide sourcing and distribution.


Taking advantage of our owned tannery has a history of more than 30 years of producing the finest end product, which makes us your ideal partner of leather hides using for lather labels, shoes, bags, belts, handmade leather products and so on. Vintage Trimming is always aware of where our hides are coming from and how the animals have been treated. We use only the best quality raw hides from animals that have been cut 100% from the side product of the meat industry.

RAW HIDES: Vegetable Tanned Chrome-Free Leather, Olive Tanned Leather, Semi-Vegetable Tanned Leather Using For Leather Labels, Shoes, Bags, Automative, Handcrafted Goods 


ACCESSORIES: Leather Labels, Patches, Key Hangers, Wallets, Handmade Goods, All Kind Of Metal Trims Such As Button, Rıvet, Eyelet, Press Buttons, Buckles, Paper Hangtags, Tags And Packaging  Woven Labels, Emroidery Patches, Sew-On Buttons 

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